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About Apply For A Shore

Surfing on the rock and post-hardcore wave, the French guys from Apply For A Shore venture out of beaten paths, creating a subtle mix between aerial melodies and powerful rythmics, backed up by a melancholic but yet violent voice. Since its creation in 2013, the band has been working really hard to constantly bring some new sonorities and horizons to its sound.

After only one year, AFAS released their first self produced EP entitled "Our Broken Bridges", in February 2014. Then, two video clips came out, on the songs "Inked in the air" and "Wolves Aren't Forever", both self produced too. Very quickly, the band starts to draw attention and is given the opportunity to play its first gigs opening for famous bands such as We Are The Ocean (UK)Betraying The Martyr (FR), Hawthorne Height (USA)Darkness Dynamite (FR)Hopes Die Last (IT) or Silverstein (CA). Consequently, the five bandmates can unleash their rage, offering powerful and intense live performances.

After revealing a first single "Under", the band has recently released their highly anticipated second EP 'Castaways'. This record is the result of a long process where the band worked hard to make something newer and more mature. Today, the five guys are getting ready to tour Europe and the UK to play these new songs live!


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